Monday, March 29, 2010

Korgoth Background painting #3-Ice Mountain

I came across alot of beautiful background paintings from Korgoth on William Wray's blog.( He so kindly posted this way back in 2006. Number 3 is from the scene when they're journeying to Specules's castle going around a bend on a mountain. Look at that Woolly Mammoth frozen in time! Love it!

The background was designed by Justin K. Thompson( and painted by William Wray.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Korgoth Background painting #2-Blood and Ice!

I came across alot of beautiful background paintings from Korgoth on William Wray's blog.( He so kindly posted this way back in 2006. Number 2 is a bloody ice field on a mountain! Nice! It appeared in the opening credits, when Korgoth had just slayed a beast.

The background was designed by Justin K. Thompson ( and painted by William Wray.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Korgoth Background painting-Volcanic Wasteland

I came across alot of beautiful background paintings from Korgoth on William Wray's blog. ( He so kindly posted this way back in 2006. It's a volcanic wasteland. I love the all the light radiating from the cracks in the earth and the plumes of smoke. It's watercolor on paper.

The background was designed by Justin K. Thompson ( and painted by William Wray.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Come Hither

Patiently waiting for the googlebots to find this blog....come hither my electronic spiders! In the meantime, more to come! What exactly is "more" you ask?...I don't exactly know.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Favorite Korgoth comments from the Adult Swim boards

yomama_jones wrote:

After reading through this thread, I've come to these small few decision regarding the second coming of Korgoth:

1. If Korgoth had been firmly planted in the lining of of the scrotum of Seth Green, Seth McFarlane, Tim and Eric (they really are two side of the same piece of fecal debris), Brendan Small, and the rest of the crew with AS-spit soaked gonads, then we'd have already had a second episode. Unfortunately, it was written by Aaron Springer (allegedly) who has worked in conjunction with the likes of Genndy Tartakovsky of Dexter's Laboratory fame, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, and SpongeBob Squarepants. (Each of which are quality shows imho). (Why won't you guys let Aaron in your club, guys?)

2. If you wish to see less of Tim and Eric as I would certainly hope, I would suggest that the majority, if not all, of you turn off your TV sets or change the channel whenever their shows come on. If we did that en masse then nobody will want to sponsor those shows after a while, and then AS won't be able to afford to keep the likes of Tim and Eric in the lineup. Also, avoid the associated and otherwise affiliated websites related to said show or shows. (Disclaimer: I am merely suggesting and not mandating, advocating, forcing, implying, or otherwise telling you to do this. I am merely presenting a potential outcomeas a result of aforementioned action based on volumes of data recorded in the annals of modern and pre-modern business practices and periodical listings in many, if not all, industries.)

Now, on a personal note:

Korgoth was the entire reason I signed up for an account here. I have made a total of two posts - each related to Korgoth's return, and each time I have been disappointed. My TV time spent watching AdultSwim has dropped due to the fact that listening to the same old voice actors and style of humour has become old and tired. Korgoth was fresh (at least to me). I enjoyed 12 oz mouse because it wasn't the same type of humour and I really enjoyed the change of pace and the artistic interludes. Venture Brothers is another good one because it never seems to disapppoint me. I still enjoy Metalocalypse (have to find someway to get MarkHamill involved, eh?), and I like the poignancy and self analyzing humour of Aaron MacGruder of Boondocks (but then again, why would they turn down the only show ojn AS that ever received an Emmy?).

[Insert obligatory "Bring Back Korgoth!" and "Korgoth Rules!" line here.]




Shub_Niggurath wrote:

Korgoth has a cult following after one pilot episode. That doesn't happen with a lot of shows.


erjohnson wrote:

Korgoth looked to be a quality show; had a lot of potential and great animation (now mirrored in Superjail somewhat).

Everyone I've talked to (mostly voices in my head) have expressed an interest in the continuation of this show. Why do garbage shows like Tim & Eric get aired? They absolutely **BLEEP** (not opinion, actual FACT). AS has a **BLEEP** for that boring "random humor" phase. The lazy stylings of Seth MacFarlane and Seth Green, yes we get it, you can make 8 outdated pop-culture references per second.

Bring back Korgoth! It's humor pertained to the plot and had the makings of rich characters & setting (like Samurai Jack). GIve it another pilot or something, I'm sure it will get a ton of viewers.

Suppose it's hopeless to lobby AS, as the staff is probably fapping to 10-minute cartoon shorts that can be churned out cheaply and up their bottom line.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hi-Res Korgoth Lobby Card

I found this on the intranets somewhere. It's a beautiful Lobby Card from Korgoth during his lengthy urination. The background was done by William Wray and layout was done by Justin Thompson.
copyright of Cartoon Network

Monday, March 15, 2010

Korgoth quotes!

"ABC, not my flavor"
"I've dated girls uglier than you for breakfast."
"Hairy balls of the Gods!"
"I despise all weavers of the black arts. Speaking of which, could you pass the gravy?"
"I didn't know there would be this much talking."
"This isn't what it looks like."

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jog Down Memory Lane...

Korgoth debuted about four years ago. The reason I remember this was because it came out the year I graduated college. I was mid-way through packing up all my junk, getting ready to move. Had the tv on late at night, half-way watching some retarded Robot Chicken episode or something. I was fairly new to Adult Swim, basically I was fairly new to cable in general! Growin up we didn't have cable, the first time I got cable was late in college.

So anywho! Korgoth came on, I was like ok, another cartoon, whatever, and I went back to packing my stuff not really paying attention. But all of a sudden the scene of Korgoth's lengthy pissing session caught my attention! I was like wtf is that! funny is that!! Who would've thought to show that. It was sheer brilliance! My eyes were glued to the tv. I continued watching with a school-girl giddyness.

Exploding apples, plucking leeches, saving damsels, smearing pigeon poop, Specules, Bubblegum Monster! All these hilarious gags, mixed with ultra-violence, with a peppering of wit and barbaric humor thrown in. I thought it was the best cartoon I had ever seen. And I still do. I knew it would be an instant hit! And it was.

Many youtube-watching sessions later and I still think it's just as funny the first time as it was four years ago.

What's your fondest Korgothian moment, my minions????

Friday, March 12, 2010

Welcome to Bring Back Korgoth!

Greetings Barbarians!

Almost four years ago, Korgoth of Barbaria was launched on Adult Swim. It was welcomed with open arms and praise from the fans. BUT, four years later and we are still without this amazing masterpiece.

It seems the big wigs at Adult Swim rejected the notion to release Korgoth as a series, despite it's awesomeness. Why kill something so epic? so life-changing? so ground-breaking? Well, that's just the way things are done at Adult Swim I guess.

From this point on, I plan on leading an underground movement to resurrect Korgoth's corpse. Join this cause! Only with your help can we possibly bring back this epic series! We will show Adult Swim, that we have not forgotten Korgoth and never will!

Stay tuned to this blog. It will operate as a portal to everything and anything related to Korgoth (what little there is out there.)

Korgoth the Barbarian